SUCCESS STORIES

“I must thank you for the help you have given me. I am more confident socially and at work. I am in charge, getting respect for my calm and fair manner and I have been singled out and promoted to be the man who boosts the company’s image.”

Tony, Dentist

“Our time working together was a turning point”

“I recommend you to everyone. You are immensely skilled, encouraging, perspicacious, acute, warm, funny, talented and giving. Your ability to shine a light into the darkest places of doubt and turn the dancing motes of dust there into stars is unbelievable!”

Nikki, Imagineer

“I owe you more than I can ever repay”

“What amazes me is that it was such small things that you suggested to me that made the difference. In a short time I’ve lost 10lbs, been awarded a far better contract at work, dealt with a couple of people who were making my life difficult, and I’m so much more confident. Life is good!”

Karen, Administrator

“I was stuck in a rut and badly in need of motivation”

“I started out depressed and desperate for a change from a job I’d been in for 19 years. The main gains have been in energy level, self confidence and an improved view of myself in the world. Your wisdom on any life topic is so great that I would recommend you to anyone.”

Tim, ex IT program manager

“One of the most productive experiences of my life”

“Over a month in, when people visit my house they gawp at the gleaming surfaces and ask if I’ve got a cleaner. I’ve made more time to see my pals, I’ve kept up with my exercise routine, and the extra graft I’ve been doing has more than paid Sarah’s fees.”

Grub Smith in FHM magazine

“Sarah’s coaching seems like a minor miracle”

“You have abolished my preconceptions about coaching. I am sure that my achievements and progression were largely due to you, your empathy and understanding, your depth of knowledge and ability to listen and filter.”

Jane, Design business owner

“I was a bit cynical about the whole coaching thing”

“Our work brought together my strengths and let me leave behind a lot of baggage. I learnt that the part of me that needed excitement and the dutiful part were both essential. This insight was liberating, and I’ve shifted my emphasis onto things which fulfill me and away from those that drain me.”

Anne, Educational consultant

“I’m having much more fun in my work, and I’m inspiring others”

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